Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day 14 of Sunehra's Christmas Craft Countdown - A Christmas Explosion Box

I've always loved explosion boxes but I've never made one for Christmas - that is until today. I've filled it with some really fun elements - just perfect for my Christmas Craft Countdown. Once again to recap, I've set myself a challenge for Christmas. My Countdown Goal is simple - Every day from November 1st to November 30th, I'm going to make 3 projects. They could be cards, tags, gift boxes, ornaments, whatever I want to complete but I have to complete at least 3 projects every day. To see my previous countdown projects, click here

The photograph below shows the box when it's closed. Looks like an ordinary gift box right? That's the fun with an explosion box! At first glance it looks like a normal gift box but then when it opens....

... It explodes to a large open card!!! Since this is a Christmas Explosion, the central feature is a 3D Santa, all cut on my Cameo. Isn't he just adorable!! Love love love it!!! I decided the first three squares to the sentiment - which reads Merry Christmas. Then 3 boxes contain little pockets for tags and the last 2 boxes have a journaling space. 

Here's a closeup of the tags - the Santa theme prevails with a cute little Santa hat as the main focus. I think these look really fun and festive!

Here's a look inside when you first open the lid. There you have the 3D santa and all the sides closed up! Any recipient is going to be most curious don't you think?

I think an explosion box is a great way to present someone with a boring but well-appreciated gift like money or a gift card. With all the pockets available, there's plenty of space to include slip in the cash or card. 

That wraps up Day 14! Almost midway of my countdown and what a blast it has been!

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  1. 14 and you r going guns Sunehra! Keep it up...this is very creative.

  2. wow!! wow!! wow!! all I can do is just stare in awe and exclaim wow!! these are very beautiful Sunehra!!
    Moxie Craftie

  3. 3d Santa is really cool idea..liked it a lot!!


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