Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Perfect Client

We at Crack of Dawn Crafts take great pride in saying that we have the most awesome customers. It's been almost 2 years since we began and in that time we have built up a client base of over 800 individual customers. Some are business customers who order from us to serve their customers and others of course are end consumers who are looking for something perfect for the special event in their lives. And since this is our second year, we have so many of our wonderful clients coming back for subsequent orders

During the course of all these interactions we had the privilege of working with a truly stellar individual. She is the kind of customer who has a fair idea about what she wants and is able to communicate that clearly. She also understands the effort involved in bringing such creations to life and values this effort. Over the last 14 months, we have worked together on three separate events and each time her vision is super interesting and through our collaborative discussions, we are able to create something truly memorable.

It all began with her daughter's first birthday. The theme was Rainbow and she had a totally original vision in mind. She didn't want the theme to be literal - a rainbow shape - rather an interpretation of the colours. She loved the idea of a pop up card with a pocket style envelope and after a bunch of back and forth, we finalised on a fabulous Rainbow Spiral Pop-up Card which has been a design that we will be perennially proud of!


The Rainbow Pop Up Spiral Card has been ordered by numerous clients on our website and we have also been asked to tweak it to a bling balloon theme for another very supportive client. Check out how we played with the design to create a Pink Bling Spiral Pop Up Invitation!!

Our next project together was a wedding anniversary party for her close friends which was to be an elaborate affair spanning 2-3 days. The theme was King and Queen of Hearts and she wanted a gift box as well as an invitation card. We agreed that the colours should be red, black and white and this time around our discussions focussed on the deck of cards concept. After a whole lot of Whatsapp messages, back and forth, we finally froze on the Deck of Cards Box and Deck of Cards Invitation both pictured pictured below!

The Deck of Cards Box was so attractive that we decided to make it one of designs for Diwali. We tweaked the colours a little and created a variety of sizes and voila! we had a brand new Diwali Cards Nigh Box. We have to say that this design was one of our most popular for the festive season!

Now comes our favourite design! With her daughter turning two, this amazing client had another fantastic idea for her little one's big day. This time the theme was Teddybear's Picnic!! How cute is that!! Her idea was simply inspired!! She wanted each invitation to be a picnic basket. Inside the picnic basket would be little shaped cut outs of picnic food items and on the reverse side of each food item, we would add the details of the party text. OH... MY... GOD!!! How we LOVED the idea!! All we had to do was execute!! We found a fabulous file at and had a blast playing with the colours and prints. Check out the final result - We're super proud of this one - The Teddy Bear Picnic Party Invitation!

What more can we say! She truly is the Perfect Client! She has the best ideas, she is open to all our suggestions, she always gives us PLENTY of time and she values the effort that goes into each creation! Thanks to her we have fabulous designs to add to the Crack of Dawn Crafts catalogue and for that we will be forever indebted!! 

Needless to say, we are so glad she found us back in 2014!