Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Stall at The Hundred Hands Collective IV - by Hundred Hands

If you've been following my Facebook page and blog, you will know that last week I participated in the Hundred Hands Collective IV - by Hundred Hands. Hundred Hands is this fabulous NGO that encourages and supports artisans both urban and rural, who make hand made products. They help them establish their business, develop contacts, provide advice and occasionally, hold a bazaar to help them sell their stuff. I was grateful to be invited for their event and here are some photographs of my stall.

My dear friend Reshna sat with me the entire day and did some serious hard selling much to my amusement and delight. And dear friends who always support my work like Gitanjali here was one of the first to stop by and pick her favourites. 

I had visiting cards made!!! How important I felt. Ha ha! But I'm glad I did, so many people picked it up even though the didn't buy anything or even look at anything. What's up with that?!

I made a wonderful little card stand for each of my cards so that they could stand upright and be seen easily. They would also not occupy much space on my table as they would if they were lying down allowing more cards to be displayed.

I had been hanging on to creations for some time. Don't know when I made these masks but stuff like that and the notebooks, they all sold within an hour to ladies with little girls who they knew would love it. I tell you sometimes I think my greatest market is 5 to 8 year old girls. 

This was my tag and table decor section. I had made dining labels, cutlery holders, 3D sleighs. Everything was gone by the end of the day. 

And here's how my stall looked at about 4pm - half way through the sale. My table was quickly clearing up and I was running out of stock to sell.

I wish I had taken a picture at the end of the sale but I forgot. I was left with 10 Christmas cards and 2 general cards. All the rest - tags, gifts etc were sold. All in all a very very very fun and productive day!

Thank you so much to Hundred Hands for letting me be a part of their fabulous event. I was delighted and honoured and motivated to pursue this even more!

If you would like to know the supplies used for this or any of my projects, please write to me at