Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 10 of Sunehra's Christmas Craft Countdown - Embossed Christmas Tags

Today was Sunday and it's always insane on Sundays so I decided to keep things simple and achievable. I had a few die cuts and embossed cards left over from my previous projects this week. So I decided to use them and make some sleek and stylish tags. Since they were so easy to do, I managed to make 4 instead of the targeted 3 projects a day. Once again to recap, I've set myself a challenge for Christmas. My Countdown Goal is simple - Every day from November 1st to November 30th, I'm going to make 3 projects. They could be cards, tags, gift boxes, ornaments, whatever I want to complete but I have to complete at least 3 projects every day. To see my previous countdown projects, click here.

My first tag is embossed with 'Merry Christmas' at the bottom and has a single holly leaf at the top. This kind of matches my holly leaf card yesterday which you can view here. I guess what I like most about this tag is how clear the embossing is. 

I still had more embossed card of the same design so I used it with a reindeer head die cut that was left over from the Earthy Christmas Card series which you can view here. I never realised until this week that brown actually goes really well with the Christmas theme. 

My next card was made using some left over embossed card from my Snowflake card which you can view here. I had a sleigh cut out which was remaining from the Sleigh Time project so this became the central feature of this tag. 

Finally my least favourite tag is the twine and button ornament theme which I've carried forward from yesterday's post which had this as the central feature. The original card looks lovely and I had great hopes for the coordinating tag but have to admit, I'm not too pleased with it. 

I finished my tags well in time, photographed them too without delay but then my day started getting crazy. So I've only now had the chance to share them with you. Hope you like them and see you tomorrow when I present Day 11 of my Christmas Craft Countdown!

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