Friday, January 22, 2016

Our Story - A Scrapbook for Valentines Day

Valentines Day is coming up and no matter how cynical you are about romance, love and relationships, it's hard not to get sucked into the season. I have been married for 12 years and prior to that I was dating my future husband for 4.5 years so basically we have celebrated Valentines Day for almost 17 years!! I should really be suffering from Valentines Day fatigue but thanks to Crack of Dawn Crafts, I find myself getting caught up in all the lovey-dovey madness just like I did 17 years ago!!

Our most popular gift for Valentines Day is the Our Story Scrapbook. This book is a love scrapbook which measures 12 inches by 12 inches and  allows the customer to record 10 details about his or her relationship. The book usually starts with How We Met, and moves on to First Movie, Our Engagement, Our Wedding, Gifts We've Given and so on. With plenty of space provided to add photos or pen down personal notes, the Our Love Story Scrapbook is a truly meaningful Valentines Day gift.

The best part about the Our Love Story Scrapbook is that it can be customised. We don't insist on a standard set of topics because we are well aware that each relationship is unique and merits its own list of headings. So whenever we receive an order we always ask the client for their inputs. We have a list of commonly used topics, but these are by no means the only choices. Very often we get a brand new heading that we are happy to incorporate into the book.

Another other factor that can be customised is the colour scheme. Originally made in the romantic colours of red, white and black, we have received requests to do the book in softer tones of cream, pink and red as well as silver and white. Sometimes the client wants the cover changed. Other times 10 pages isn't enough to record all the details they want to include in the book. In such cases we are happy to add the extra pages to ensure the Our Story Love Scrapbook contains all the important facet of that particular Love Story!

This scrapbook is also ideal as a gift too. We have received requests to make the Our Love Story Scrapbook as a wedding gift or anniversary gift by well meaning friends or family members, who want to give something different and sentimental on such special occasions!

And if you think that this is something that is primarily ordered by women, you would be wrong. There are some SERIOUSLY romantic men out there who want to make their lady love feel truly cherished. We have even received an order from an Indian man living in the United States who wanted us to ship the scrapbook to his girlfriend here in India. How romantic is that!!!


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