Thursday, January 14, 2016

Jungle Fever!!

A few months ago we were tasked with the challenge of creating a Jungle Theme invitation. A client who had seen a Crack of Dawn Crafts creation through another client contacted us from Nanital to order invitations for her son's first birthday. We hadn't yet done a jungle theme invitation so we were super kicked with the theme!! The brief was simple - We needed to design 2 versions, one had to be 3D that could also fold flat for easy postage to out of town guests and the second version needed to be an elaborate 3d invitation for local city guests. 

The immediate thought was lush foresty greens, cute brightly coloured animals and a pop of yellow to contrast! Wow wouldn't that be fun!! We created two fold flat designs. One was a Jungle shadow box frame invitation and the other was a Jungle Box Card design. Both versions could fold flat and both were made with the same colour family. We just LOVED my creations and was sure my client would be ecstatic too!

Sadly it was not quite the case. The client had something totally different in mind. She wanted a jungle theme yes but she wanted to be more babyish, more pastel and more gentle. She wanted 'animals' more than 'jungle'. Boy were we disappointed, we really thought we had hit a home run with my jungly designs. But back to the drawing board we went determined to create something spectacular for this special event!

This time around we created a Animal Box Card that was was soft and sweet, just as the client had ordered. We used the most adorable baby animal pattern and combined it with blue and yellow card. Animals popped out of everywhere and a bold number 1 stood at the front! All the party details went on the reverse side of the card. 

Now this WAS a home run. The client was totally delighted and gave the go ahead for production. We had also created a Animal Explosion Box design with the central 3D element being a baby cot filled with animal cut outs. She was thrilled with this too and we were a GO!!

We churned out about 100 invitations for this event and they were a total hit with the guests! The client was over the moon with the cards and called to tell us that almost every person she gave it to wanted to know who had made it. Of course she said Crack of Dawn Crafts. Right now we are working on a wedding card design for her brother! Exciting times ahead!!

Since Crack of Dawn Crafts was born there have been countless designs that have been rejected. Sometimes we lose an entire order because we are just not able to get the design right. Of course it is tremendously disappointing when a design is rejected but the good news is that whatever we make forms part of the Crack of Dawn Crafts catalogue! And now 2 years on, we have a product range of close to 400 designs!

Which of the designs did you prefer? The lush jungle version or the pastel baby one? Would love to hear your views, do leave a comment and let's compare notes!


  1. Absolutely awesome creations Sunehra!! I love both of the designs, I guess the first one would be great for a slighter older child

    1. Thanks so much Juhi... yes now that you mention it, I guess you're right!

  2. Beautiful designs Sunehra!! Love both the designs!! But I have to tell you that I love the pastel baby one!! It looks more cute :) And wow!! 400 designs!! that's awesome!!
    Moxie Craftie

    1. Hey Berina! Thanks so much! Guess the pastel baby design is the winner hands down... and it was 100 pcs not 400... Cheers!

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