Sunday, December 23, 2012

More Christmas Cards

Just sent out all my Christmas cards and figured I could take a moment to share some of the designs I created.

This first one is a box card. The image on the top is a digital stamp that I cut and colored with BIC and Copic Markers. When you untie the ribbon, the card splits to reveal a small box inside, perfect for adding a few gift tags.

This one I made a while ago with some left over scraps of card. I have seen Kavitha creating layouts like this and I was inspired to try it myself. The stamp is from Ujjwal, just love it!

I made this one when I first got my cameo. I was trying different types of lace borders and just went berserk. The sentiment is also cut out. 

I had to include Christmas trees somewhere so this card was dedicated to that. Just added a few pearls to embellish. 

And finally this is my card dedicated to our much loved Christmas Icon. Threw in a nice big gold bow for good measure and added a few gold sparkles to complement.

And with that I'm done with Christmas this year. Next stop - New Years Cards. 


  1. Great ideas there! Love how your blog is alive with a Christmasy feel :)

    P.S. Glad you loved the stamp :)

  2. Ooh I am still drooling over your bow!!

  3. Lovely christams cards,loved the last 2.Thanks for stopping by my blog:)


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