Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Winner of my Candy!

First off, let me just say: Thank you so much for all the LOVE you guys have shown me through this 100 followers celebration. I'm now at 144 which has far exceeded all my wildest expectations. Honestly I wanted to give away the candy to say thanks and now I have even more to be thankful for! I also have to appreciate all the words of support and encouragement you give for my Itsy Bitsy posts, it really makes my day so thank you so much!!!

Ok enough with the blah blahs and on to some serious business! It's time to announce the winner of the candy. 80 of you entered and I used to choose a winner and here is the winning number:

It's number 72 and that's Sanchari of Congratulations Sanchari! Please write in before 5th May 2013 to me at to claim your candy. 

Once again, thank you all for your super support of my blog, my work at Itsy Bitsy and every other avenue that connects us! See you around the Blogiverse!


  1. Congrats Sanchari ..You are one lucky person :)

  2. Congrats Sanchari.......and Sunehra we are now looking forward to getting lucky at the time of your 200 follower candy soon!!! best wishes

  3. Lucky U, Sanchari :) Congrats!!

  4. Oh. My. God.
    I'm almost crying because of the absolute joy! Thank you SO much everyone. And thank you Sunehra di for this awesome opportunity!! This is unbelievable.
    Aaaahh!! :D :D

  5. Congrats to sanchari.... N congrats to sunehra too, let ur list escalate.......

  6. Congrats Sanchari, hope you have a blast with your gooddies!! And thank you so much Sunehra for this wonderful chance hugs from the netherlands xox

  7. Congrats Sanchari.... Sunehra, Hope u reach 200+ soon...


  8. Congrats Sanchari!

    And congrats, Sunehra :) Best wishes to reach 500 followers soon ;)


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