Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Scrapbook Page for Major Milestones

I'm back with another scrapbook page post. I've been fervently working to finish this book up before my dear friend Ashwina leaves. She too is itching for me to hand it over so that she can start populating it so a lot of my posts in the coming days will be scrapbook pages. For this page, I have used the color combination at Dynamic Duos as a guide. The colors are Pink Pirouette and Pool Party.... how fun is that! So here's what I came up with.

I've provided four sections for the four major developmental milestones: First Rolled over, First Sat Up, First Crawled and First Walked. I made little frames with the titles and inside I added a pattern paper flap so that Ash can add photos on the top and details of when, where etc inside. 
Here's a better view of each page.  

I am making this book out of pre-bound scrapbook from ItsyBitsy so I really have no choice about the colors of the pages. This topic opened out at a stage in the book where the left hand side was pink and the right hand site was white so when I added a lace trim to both pages - I made sure it was a white trim on the pink page and a pink trim on the white. Also did you noticed I managed to find diamond shaped rhinestones to compliment the diamond design on the flap. Cool huh!

Here's a little collage of all the embellishments so you can get a better look at all the elements. 

Don't you just love those little cutouts? The baby shoes, the baby crawling, the mother helping the child to walk... I cut all those out on the cameo so I could size them as I wanted and make them in the color I wanted. Also the bows at the bottom of each flap are placed such that the flap remains closed when the page is first opened. Hope it works.

Finally here's the inspiration graphic from Dynamic Duos. I gotta thank them for this inspiration. It worked really wonderfully for this project. Thanks Ladies!


  1. wooow! sooo pleasant. totally adorable Sunehra... :)

  2. what gorgeous color tones... wow... adorable!

  3. WOW such pretty gentle and do you manage to keep it clean with 2 kids in the house!!

  4. Very lovely layouts with these colors. ;-) Thank you for joining us at Dynamic Duos!

  5. Each project of yours inspires me even more to save and spend on CAMEO.this one is no exception.I love the coordinating rhinestones with the Argyle pattern and also the beautifully cut shapes on Cameo.soothing and beautiful colors used here which makes the page ohhh so awesome.

  6. Lovely colours.Love the little frames and the cutouts.You are making awesome use of your cameo.good investment.:-)

  7. Wow these are fabulous Sunehra, I love the way you have used the colours from our challenge for this project. Great idea. Thanks for sharing it with us at Dynamic Duos.

  8. Beautiful pages and great use of this week's colors. Thanks for joining us at Dynamic Duos.

  9. so cute and adorable .pink is my favourite.

  10. wow! such a lovely combination!!

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  12. Seeing the progression of the book and Ashwina is definitely lucky!

  13. Ohhhh... Love the soft color tones!! :D Awesome!

  14. Very very sweet dear Sunehra:) Hats off to you for your patience. Your little ones are lucky to have you as their mom. God bless you and your family. Ashwina will definitely treasure your lovely gift. Lots of love, Surekha aunty.

  15. What a beautiful color combination Sunehara.. It's so soft to eyes.. Love the placements of cutouts and the cutouts too :)

  16. Sunehara your work is truly beautiful. Your friend is very lucky to have you making this for her. It is stunning. I love the idea of the photo on top and being able to journal underneath. I actually love everything about it. If you get time pop on over to Beyond Grey Challengers and see if there is a challenge at any time you might be interested in.

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